We take care of the cultivation of olive groves, of bringing the olives to the right ripeness, of the exact extraction and of direct sale to you. Our experience gained over time, handed down from father to son, has been going on for generations, attributing competence in the sector as the best guarantee on the product obtained.

We started the process for organic certification and the production of extra virgin olive oil has become an art for us.

With olive groves in the Foligno area, in the heart of our green Umbria where the tradition of olive cultivation dates back to Roman times, already defined by them as one of the best oils. Our olive groves are still cultivated with the old methods and technologies that are increasingly of the latest generation, in extraction and storage and packaging.

" The strength of our company is to look after the plants with passion, love, patience and with the virtue of our predecessors, improving their quality, observing and pursuing more and more advanced techniques to bring our oil and our name to the throne of nutrition. . "

— Marco Federici